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      I currently live in in Deerfield Beach Florida and I train under American Top Team-Wellington, Florida. I was born in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil but i moved to Florida when I was 13 and lived here since and it was here where I started jiujitsu at the age of 13 to lose some weight because I was really chubby and fell in love with the sport and it became my passion!

      What is your favorite thing about Jiu Jitsu?

      My favorite thing about Jiu Jitsu is that I get to work doing what I love. I'm one of the kids instructors at American Top Team Wellington and it's amazing the feeling of working with what we love! Unfortunately I still can't focus 100% in BJJ because I have two weekend jobs, pizza driver at a italian pizzeria and as a bouncer at a club, Friday and Saturday nights! Also I still attend to school at Palm Beach State College.

      What is your favorite cheat meal?

      I really don't have a cheat meal I just love food, especially my moms food. I eat everything, and I suffer alot when I have to cut weight. Im a big fan of churrasco, brazillian bbq. If I could, I would eat it everyday! 

      Who is your Jiu Jitsu Idol?

      I don't have a specific BJJ idol, but I'm a big fan of Roberto "Cyborg" Abreus game and Roger Gracie's basic effective game. Also can't forget my brother Vitor Schlosser that probably taught me almost everything I know and introduced me to the sport!

      What's your favorite submission?

      My favorite submission is the bow and arrow choke.

      Where do you see yourself in ten years?

      In ten years from now I see myself a BJJ world champ traveling the world visiting and doing seminars. Basically living my dream. And possibly opening a BJJ academy somewhere im the U.S