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Junior Starlyte Black KIMONO / GI DO OR DIE Black w/ Red J7

Junior Starlyte Black


The absolute lightest gi around. Extremely soft, breathable and comfortable. Perfect for traveling, doesn't take much space and will dry within hours.

  • Black w/ Red
  • Though this gi is not pre shrunk it will barely shrink in the dryer
  • Wash cold and hang dry


  • 275 gsm star weave
  • One piece construction with no back seam
  • Premium cut
  • Heavy reinforced stitching
  • No YCTH print inside


  • Ripstop pants
  • 6 Belt Loops
  • M000 - M0 have elastic waist band with drawstring
  • M1-M4 have 6 point loop system with drawstring

    Adult sizes here


    This Gi is not IBJJF approved 


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