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      DO OR DIE Hyperfly was founded on the idea to commit itself to the Athlete with the highest quality gear to serve their needs. Whether that’s in Jiu Jitsu or anything else, DO OR DIE is universal and translates into every practice. Headquartered in Encinitas, California our ultimate purpose has always been to not compromise quality and keep the athlete our number one priority.

      Hyperfly is distributed in 25 countries around the world and growing more and more each day.

      Our mantra is You Can’t Teach Heart. and we live and practice this phrase every day. YCTH means to never accept defeat, it means to stand up for what is right, and to have the indomitable strength and courage to get knocked down but always rise once more. You may have all of life’s beautiful gifts, but it means nothing unless you have heart.

      That being said, Hyperfly provides support for many foundations including Give the Gift of a Gi, Future Boxing in New York, and Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF)

      No matter what obstacle life throws you, no matter the outcome, no matter what the circumstances; never accept defeat and always keep pushing back until Victory is yours.